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                                                   Welcome  Gary Ehlers here so either one of two things have bought you to this page

1) You have started an online business and you can’t seem to get it working like the bright shinny promises that you have spent your time and money on although you followed all the instructions
2) You are having a little success but you are struggling to earn enough to cover expenses
                                                                                           WELL CONGRATULATIONS
You are not alone you are in the 98% of people who are trying to build an Online Business and have failed or are failing
                                                                                                A MOMENT OF TRUTH
I have just given you what my First 10 years of struggle was Yep that was me.

UNTIL I found a Mentor /Coach who held me by the hand and pointed me on the right path (mind you he didn’t do it for me )
He just showed me that there is a correct structure to success and when followed success happens